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Pre-Med Resources

There are several programs available to assist students with disabilities who wish to apply to medical school

Pre-Med Resources

University of Toronto Community of Support

The Community of Support (COS) is a collaborative and longitudinal initiative that support students who are Indigenous, Black, Filipino, economically disadvantaged, or who self-identify with having a disability at every stage of their journey to medical school.


Being a member of the Community of Support will provide you with access to the following opportunities:

  • Admissions information: one-on-one advising and access to admissions events

  • Access to mentors (medical students, physicians) and experiences (enrichment courses, and leadership, research and volunteer opportunities)

  • Support at each stage of the application process – i) MCAT preparation, ii) 1-1 support with the medical school application, and iii) school-specific interview preparation


Please note that you do not need to be applying to the University of Toronto or a University of Toronto student to take part in this program. Many CAPD members mentor students through this program.

Western University ACCESS Pathway

The ACCESS Pathway encourages and supports applicants who are under-represented within medicine who may have been potentially adversely impacted by circumstances that created a disadvantage due to financial, medical, and/or socio-cultural barriers.

Eligible applicants may include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals of under-represented ethnicities (such as Black, Latin American, and Filipino)**

  • Individuals with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses

  • Individuals with socio-economic challenges

  • Individuals who have faced other familial and/or socio-cultural barriers such as loss of both parents, being ward of Children’s Aid, living in a homeless shelter.

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