Resources for Physicians with Disabilities

Resources for Physicians with Disabilities is intended to be a starting point for physicians with disabilities (with a focus on medical students and resident physicians) to learn more information about disability resources and options for accommodations.

EPHysician health

A comprehensive online resources for physicians and physicians in training that promotes health and well-being.

Canadian Federation of Medical Students

The CFMS has recognized that we are in a new era in medicine, an exciting time where medical students with disabilities are challenging norms and breaking barriers. Therefore, in 2008 the CFMS made it a priority to provide support, services and advocacy for medical students with disabilities. The CFMS hopes to encourage others to do the same and create a more inviting, comfortable and accommodating atmosphere for students with all abilities.

The WELL Office McGill

This office is dedicated to supporting learners throughout their training by creating, promoting and sustaining a culture of wellness and resilience within the learning environment. Our office provides a safe and confidential venue to seek out resources that protect and enhance your health and wellbeing.



Tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities

Tax Tips For the Legally Disabled


Statistics on Disabilities In Canada

TO DO CANADA: Canadian Sports Links for the Disabled

Advocacy, rights and the law:

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Since 2000, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund has collected country-based laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. DREDF is providing this collection of laws and summaries in order to foster sharing of information and encourage the international dialogue on disability anti-discrimination. We have made every effort to collect up-to-date and accurate information based on existing written and Internet sources, but we make no guarantee, undertaking or warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness or currency of the materials published herein. In all cases, users are referred to official legislative and parliamentary publications for the original legal texts and language. Go to the complete collection.

ARCH Disability Law Centre

ARCH Disability Law Centre is a specialty community legal aid clinic dedicated to defending and advancing the equality rights of people with disabilities in Ontario. ARCH provides legal services to help Ontarians with disabilities live with dignity and participate fully in our communities. We work with Ontarians with disabilities and the disability community on law reform and policy initiatives, community development, legal advice and referrals, public legal education and litigation.

ARCH’s legal services are provided by lawyers and articling students. Our staff report to a volunteer elected Board of Directors, at least half of whom are people with disabilities. ARCH is a not-for-profit charitable organization with members who elect the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting. ARCH has over 60 community partners, including disability, consumer-run, and service delivery organizations.

The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

The Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation and its affiliated societies encourage and promote the capabilities of people with physical disabilities. We want to see everyone, regardless of physical capabilities, participating fully in society as informed, active and financially-secure citizens.

For those with vision impairment:

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

CNIB is a registered charity, passionately providing community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life.

To do that, our dedicated specialists work with people of all ages in their own homes, communities or local CNIB offices – providing the personalized rehabilitation support they need to see beyond vision loss, build their independence and lead the lives they want.

In addition to our community-based services, we also work hand-in-hand with Canadians who are blind or partially sighted to advocate for a barrier-free society, and we strive to eliminate avoidable sight loss with world-class research and by promoting the importance of vision health through public education.

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI)

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) is a not-for-profit multimedia organization serving more than five million Canadians who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility or print restricted. Operating three broadcast services, AMI-tv and AMI-audio in English and AMI-télé in French, AMI’s mission is to make accessible media for all Canadians.

For those with hearing impairment:

The Association of Medical Professionals With Hearing Losses

We provide information, promote advocacy and mentorship, and create a network for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in health care fields.

Hearing Link

Hearing Link is a UK charity for people with any level of hearing loss, their family and friends. It helps people to find information and support and to connect with others who have similar experiences.

The charity focuses on giving people knowledge, skills, and confidence so they can manage the practical and emotional challenges hearing loss can bring.

For those with ADHD:

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

CADDRA is a Canadian non-industry, not-for-profit, independent association. We are an alliance of healthcare professionals supporting patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and their families.

As leaders in the field, our members conduct research, treat patients and produce the Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines (3rd edition, 2011) for treating ADHD.The Guidelines include the new CADDRA ADHD Assessment Toolkit which enables frontline clinicians conduct a standardized and comprehensive assessment. CADDRA provides training and support for medical and healthcare professionals on ADHD.

For those with spinal cord injury:

Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

The mission of the NWRSCIS is to improve the lives of people with SCI through excellent patient care, research and education. Consequently, the NWRSCIS strives to provide specialized care to persons with SCI, to conduct clinically relevant research and to disseminate the most useful, evidence-based information to people with SCI, their families and professionals.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

International efforts:

University of California, San Francisco Faculty Training Modules

UCSF Medical Student Disability Services (MSDS) and UCSF Student Disability Services (SDS) in partnership with colleagues from around the country (Case Western Reserve University, Duke University, Northwestern University, Samuel Merritt University, Stanford University School of Medicine, The University of Washington, and Weill Cornell Medicine), developed The UCSF Faculty Training Series, an eight part online, video training series to guide faculty who work with students with disabilities. New modules will be posted each month.

Disabled travel:

disabled travellers

Welcome to, a resource dedicated to accessible travel information. This new site will provide you with information on businesses from around the world that specialize in disability travel.

A comprehensive listing of accessible travel specialists: Travel Agents, Tour Operators,Adventure Travel Companies, Accessible Cruise Specialists, Accessible Van Rentals & Equipment, Travel Companions, Home Exchanges, and Access Guides for wheelchair users and other disabled travellers.

Accessible Journeys

Accessible Journeys is a vacation planner and tour operator exclusively for wheelchair travelers, their families and friends. Since 1985, wheelchair accessible vacation travel has been our only job.

Our accessible lifestyle vacations are for slow walkers wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends. Our travel services include
Accessible vacation planning
Accessible Group Tours
Accessible Group Cruises
Individual Accessible Cruises
Licensed Travel Companions
Disability Travel Resources

Gimp on the go

when we travel

The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH)

The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), founded in 1976, is an educational nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the needs of all travelers with disabilities, remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access and expand travel opportunities in the United States and abroad. Members include travel professionals, consumers with disabilities and other individuals and corporations who support our mission.

Sage travelling

Sage Traveling is committed to providing customized, truly accessible holiday travel for our disabled and elderly clients. We deal exclusively in accessible travel to European destinations, and make it our job to understand all the challenges that disabled travelers may encounter during their trip and how to overcome them. Not only do we plan your worry-free accessible vacation, we also offer comprehensive, detailed, and organized disabled travel information on accessible European tourist attractions, ports, hotels, and transportation.


A site for nurses with disabilities:

National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities

NOND is an open membership, cross-disability, professional organization that works to promote equity for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions in nursing through education and advocacy by:
• promoting best practices in education and employment;
• providing resources to individuals, nursing and disability organizations, and educational and healthcare institutions;
• influencing the provision of culturally responsive nursing practice; and
• creating systemic improvements.

NOND values the:

  • experiences, cultures, abilities, and rights of people with disabilities;
  • history, practice, and service of the nursing profession;
  • empowerment of people with disabilities within nursing; and
  • enhancement of the nursing profession.




Donna Thompson the mother of a 24 yr old son with severe,multiple disabilities and complex medical complications and the author of “The Four Walls of My Freedom” (2010) about her family experience with the giving and receiving of complex care in Canada and the UK. She is an active blogger on social/medical issues and consults on personal support networks and network centered care.

Pet Partners

Pet Partners is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal interactions to improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve

Nearly forty years since the organization’s inception, the science that proves these benefits has become indisputable.  Today, Pet Partners is the nation’s largest and most prestigious nonprofit registering handlers of multiple species as volunteer teams providing animal-assisted interventions.

Pet Partners teams interact with a wide variety of clients including veterans with PTSD, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, students with literacy challenges, patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities and those approaching end of life.  The impact of these interactions is felt one million times a year.  Pet Partners’ curriculum and continuing education for licensed Instructors, Evaluators and Handlers is the gold standard in the field.

Additionally, Pet Partners offers superior risk management and industry safety standards, continuing education and re-registration for teams and keen attention to dealing with our unique multi-species team population.

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs

Ruth J Clark, the Founder of Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs has been involved in Adaptive Clothing for 20 years or more and have watched many Adaptive Clothing companies struggle and eventually close.  This is not because there is no need.  Rather it is because the concept of quality adaptive clothing has been so misunderstood in the past.